Where We Are


We are based in the beautiful Mediterranean coastal city of Valencia.  For those wishing to stay in our area, the following information may be of interest…

Undoubtedly the jewel in the region´s crown is Spain´s third city, Valencia.

The stunningly diverse city of Valencia

This avant-garde city boasts not only a very historically important centre with beautiful old squares, churches and a huge traditional market, but some superbly modern architecture, a marina, beach, and plenty of green spaces and parks in which to sit and relax.

For those staying in or visiting this amazing city, we can offer guided mountain biking in the Sierra de Calderona. This mountainous Natural Park has some fabulous cross country trails for riders of all abilities.  Incredibly it lies within a half hour drive of Valencia city centre, so makes an ideal area for guided mountain biking for those staying in the city.



The Sierra de Calderona


The Sierra de Mariola

Located just 45 minutes from Alicante airport and 1 hour from Valencia, this beautiful mountainous Natural Park is home to some of the region´s prettiest and historically most important villages.

The village of Bocairent

The village of Bocairent

Its mountain peaks rise to almost 1400 metres above sea level, and the cross country mountain biking here is superb.

The peak of Montcabrer (1396m)

The peak of Montcabrer (1396m)

The Sierra de Mariola makes an ideal destination for those wanting to enjoy a combination of mountain biking, nature, culture and gastronomy.  It´s variety of accommodation offers something for every taste and budget.


The Town of Xativa

Another place of huge interest and charm is the traditional old town of Xativa.  The narrow streets of the historical quarter are simply fascinating, whilst a trip to the beautifully preserved castle is a must. 

Xativa Castle

For those interested in culture and history, Xativa has many museums and historically important buildings all of which can be visited by following the various way-marked Historical Walking Routes.  The Roman Road “Via Augusta” passed through the town, and evidence of Roman occupation can still be seen today. 

Market Square in Xativa

Xàtiva is also the birthplace of two Popes of the Borja dynasty, the only Spanish popes in the history of the Catholic church. The famous painter José de Ribera, known as “El Españoleto”, is another of Xativas famous sons.  In the XI century the first paper mill in Europe was built in Xativa, the paper being produced from straw and rice, known today as “Xativí paper”.   Xativa also offers a vibrant shopping area, a twice weekly traditional market, and a huge selection of bars and restaurants to suit all budgets.