David Warrington

May 292016
One Week Bespoke Mountain Bike Holiday

I´ve just come to the end of a fantastic week with a client who has long since become a friend and has just completed her 4th trip with me in as many years.  Birgit, from Germany first booked a few days of guided mountain biking back in 2012 as a beginner.  Since then, she´s returned each year for a full week of guided XC mountain biking, has formed a regular group of bikers in Germany, has recently bought her second bike and is now an experienced and accomplished mountain biker. A few months ago, we discussed the possibilities for this [read more]

Dec 042015
Mountain biking in Valencia for a returning client

Last week I was delighted to provide some guidied mountain biking in Valencia for a returning client.  Damian from UK completed a skills course with us three years ago, then returned to Valencia last year to do some guided cross country mountain biking. His skills and fitness have further improved so I´m delighted to say that he recently returned for his third trip, this time looking for longer and more challenging rides. We arranged two days in the Sierra de Calderona, a Natural Park within easy reach of Valencia. Day 1 was a long cross country ride on the north [read more]

Oct 062015
Mountain Bike Skills Course

Last weekend I provided a day of guided mountain biking for a client from the Netherlands.  Rob had spent a couple of weeks in Valencia at an academic summer school for environmental technology and initiatives, and wanted to use one of his free days to develop his mountain biking skills. He´d recently bought a new bike back in Holland and wanted to learn some fundamental riding techniques.  Accordingly we designed a day that would combine a guided xc route with a fairly intense mountain bike skills course. After the obligatory morning coffe, during which we discussed the aims and objectives [read more]

Oct 062015
A Business Trip with Mountain Biking in Valencia

Last week I spent a couple of great days on the trail with a client from UK who was in Valencia for a technology conference.  He´s an accomplished and experienced cyclist, and had arranged to add a couple of days to the end of his stay to allow him to combine a business trip with mountain biking in Valencia. On day one we headed for the south side of the Sierra de Calderona where we enjoyed a coffee in the autumn sunshine whilst making all the necessary preparations for the ride.  An initial stretch of flowy singletrack lead us onto [read more]

Sep 212015
Mountain Biking in the Sierra de Calderona

Last week I enjoyed a couple of great XC rides with a client from Canada.  Helen was in Valencia on business but had added a couple of days to the beginning of her trip and had arranged a couple of days of guided mountain biking with me. For those who want to be based in either the city or the beaches of Valencia, mountain biking in the Sierra de Calderona is a great option owing to its close proximity.  This mountainous Natural Park is less than 40 minutes drive from Valencia city centre. On our first day, we made the [read more]

Sep 212015
Mountain Bike Holiday in Spain

When clients return for a second or third time, it´s always very special for me.  This report details such a trip.  Birgit first booked a trip with us over two years ago, and came as a beginner.  Since then, she´s become a very keen and skilled mountain biker and has returned to Valencia each year for a week of guided mountain biking. This year, as was the case last year, she asked that we design and propose a bespoke mountain bike holiday in Spain.  As I knew her level of experience, her liking when it comes to route selection, and [read more]

May 302015
Mountain biking in Valencia

I´ve just completed three days of guided mountain biking in Valencia with clients from across the globe, and all looking for something unique.  The first day was with a very experienced mountain biker and athlete from UK.  He wanted to explore the mountains around his holiday home and to have a day of hard riding in preparation for his next race.   The second day was with a couple from USA, both keen outdoor enthusiasts who were on holiday in Valencia and wanted to enjoy the mountain biking here whilst at the same time learning some new riding skills. The [read more]

Mar 092015
Mountain Biking in Alicante

I have spent the past few days in the Sierra de Mariola in the province of Alicante.  As well as operating from the city of Valencia, we have an operating base in the village of Banyeres de Mariola, which despite its wonderful rural location, is only 45 minutes drive from Alicante airport. We had previously helped our clients Nicki and Mark to design a bespoke holiday in which they wanted to combine some walking with a couple of visits to the coast, and 3 days of mountain biking in Alicante.  As they wanted self-catering accommodation, we recommended the apartments in [read more]

Mar 082015
Mountain Biking and the Road to Recovery

A guest post written by Anne Mountain… Mountain Biking and the Road to Recovery If you have just been through the challenging process of recovery from an addiction, chances are, one of the first things on your agenda is to get fit and active. Mountain biking, like a select number of outdoor sports, is ideal for this purpose, since it can be adapted to different fitness levels, and is gentle on the joints. Moreover, it offers us the chance to immerse ourselves in the greatest healer of all: Mother Nature. As you ride scenic routes peppered with verdant valleys, ancient forests [read more]