Oct 062015

Last weekend I provided a day of guided mountain biking for a client from the Netherlands.  Rob had spent a couple of weeks in Valencia at an academic summer school for environmental technology and initiatives, and wanted to use one of his free days to develop his mountain biking skills.

He´d recently bought a new bike back in Holland and wanted to learn some fundamental riding techniques.  Accordingly we designed a day that would combine a guided xc route with a fairly intense mountain bike skills course.

After the obligatory morning coffe, during which we discussed the aims and objectives of the day, we began on a section of singletrack, where we focussed on trail reading and line selection.


We then had a session on safe descending on rocky ground, including a few rock steps.  Rob was making good progress, and was riding confidently but very safely and with great technique.

We then headed out into the hills along a wider rocky trail that took in the first of the day´s climbs.  The route continued and gave us the opportunity to practice efficient climbing techniques, riding over very rocky ground, climbing steep and loose trails, and finally how to handle a long, loose and rocky descent.


We´d crammed a lot into just one day, but Rob had progressed very well.  I´m sure he´ll take these skills and develop them much further.  I hope they make his mountain biking even more enjoyable and rewarding.



Written by David Warrington.

Mountain Bike Guide & Instructor at Mountain Biking Valencia.

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