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On 28th March, we arranged a day of guided mountain biking for a Dutch couple who were taking a short break in the city of Valencia and wanted to make the most of the region´s beautiful mountains.

They took the train from Valencia to Gandia, passing through the natural park and rice fields of Albufera along the way.  We met in Gandia and made the short road journey to the start of the route in the La Safor mountains.  Although both very active people, they were new to mountain biking, so the day commenced with a brief safety demonstration, and a little time well spent setting up the bikes to ensure maximum comfort.

Guided mountain Bike Trips in Valencia

The route started with an easy descent into a valley followed by a pleasant trail through woodlands, before emerging beside a very pretty river that flowed between high limestone cliffs.  A long section of great rocky trail took us through the narrow limestone gorge before we arrived at a wide fertile valley with olive and almond groves and vineyards.

Mountain Biking in Valencia

After a brief lunch followed by coffee in a local village, we opted for a return route that involved a (cold!) river crossing.  Once back on the bikes, we took to the rocky trail back through the gorge, this time spending some time on safe descent techniques.  A couple of short steep climbs took us back up to the van.


David Warrington


Written by David Warrington.

Mountain Bike Guide & Instructor at Mountain Biking Valencia.


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