Aug 102012

On Thursday 9th August, I provided a guided mountain bike trip for a father and two sons who were holidaying at Villa Florencia in Marxuquera.  The eldest of the sons was celebrating his 18th birthday on that very day.

The forecast was for temperatures to peak at around 32 degrees C but all 3 riders were fit and experienced.  With some sensible precautions, it´s possible to ride in these conditions.  Having ensured that we were carrying sufficient water and sun protection, and having amended the route accordingly, we set out.  I´d modified the route such that the main climb was done first – thus getting the hard work done whilst the day was still relatively fresh, and putting us up high where it would be a little cooler and more comfortable.

Our first climb was steep and sustained but after 20 minutes of determination we were up on the Sierra de Marxuquera.  The drop in air temperature was welcome and the views superb.  Having rested for a short while, we continued along the stony trail that took us over the mountains before dropping into the remote farming village of Pinet.

After a coffee break in the shade of the old church square we began our second climb of the day up into a hanging valley where the locals have grown soft fruit for centuries.  After a particularly pretty wooded section we enjoyed a long descent down a gravel track with hairpin bends and great views of the Barxeta valley.

Once safely down we took a short rest and refilled the water bottles.  We completing the route with a short road ride over a pass then finally took to more trails through the La Drova valley.

In the evening the sons were joined by their mother Samantha and the five of us completed a relaxed but very pretty route through the Marxuquera valley, passing orange groves and the monastery of St. Jeronimo before returning via quiet lanes through the Spanish countryside.

It had been a pleasure to provide the trip for such a pleasant and interesting  family.  Hopefully they´ll return to our area for more mountain biking in the future.

Written by David Warrington.

Mountain Bike Guide & Instructor at

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