May 212012

On Saturday 19th May, I provided a guided mountain bike trip for a Spanish couple who were spending some time in our area.  They had requested a guided route that included some specific skills training, so I chose a route that would offer a good variety of terrain.

Raul brought his own bike, but Eva hired one of ours. After the usual safety briefing, we set off along the trails.  Along the way we stopped at a number of points where I provided basic technique training on how to safely and effectively descend and ascend rough trails.  We also spent some time mastering how to ride a small drop-off.

Both did extremely well, learnt the techniques very quickly and were obviously very pleased with what they achieved.
We then continued with the route, a mixture of stoney tracks, single track and gravel lanes, stopping for a light lunch along the way.
The return route provided opportunity for further skills training and practice.  It´s always extremely rewarding to see how someone´s riding skills and confidence can increase, even after a single day out together.

Written by David Warrington.
Mountain Bike Guide & Instructor.

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