Feb 232012

On Wednesday I gladly provided a day of guided mountain biking for clients Mark and Nicholas.  For Mark, the owner of a local hotel, this was his third trip out with us.  Nicholas, an Australian tourist was back-packing through Europe and was spending a few days here in Spain.

Mark and Nicholas opted to rent a couple of Trek mountain bikes from us, and after a brief introduction and pre-ride checks, we hit the trail. Today´s route was very civilised as the first 1.5km were all down hill, providing a gentle warm up.   Having descended through some woods, we emerged onto a stony track that runs alongside a beautiful river.

This robin joined us for a break by the river.

The valley is quite deep, with limestone cliffs towering above on either side. Our first stop was beside the river where we enjoyed the peaceful sound of the water and the warming winter sun.

We then continued through the gorge on stony trails until the valley opened up and we passed between ancient olive groves. After a few more kms we arrived at an old Valencian farming village where we stopped in the square for a coffee.  In order to enjoy the valley and its scenery to the full, we then followed a surfaced lane that took us to the shore of a reservoir where we had lunch before rejoining the track back through the gorge.

Both Mark and Nicholas were clearly enjoying the trail and the stunning scenery. After a few photo-stops and another rest by the river it was time to tackle the final climb back up to the van.  A superb day out, 45km through beautiful Spanish countryside.

Written by David Warrington.
MTB Guide at Mountain Biking Valencia.

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  1. Dave,

    Thanks for a fantastic day out it the most beautiful surroundings, a fantastic hidden trail.
    Every outing just gets better.
    Some more Photos from our day mountain biking

  2. Looks like a realy good day out, I do like coffee stops on route just to soak up the ambiance. wish we had your weather here in the uk lakedistrict.

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