Jan 162012

A busy schedule dictated that I didn´t have a lot of time for a ride last Saturday but the day was perfect with blue skies and very little wind.  Therefore I decided (somewhat hesitantly) to do one of my short training rides.  Today I chose the very short but very steep ride up to the top of Monduver.  The route is very short, infact only a few kms but it´s straight uphill from my doorstep to the summit, a climb of almost 500 metres to the summit that stands at 841 metres above sea level.

Looking north towards Valencia from Monduver

Despite the sustained steep climb, the views were as ever a constant motivation.  Although there was a little haze, I stopped at the summit and enjoyed views up the coast to Valencia and inland towards Xativa and beyond.

La Drova from Monduver

The fun of the ride back down was added to by the sight of a pair of Ravens gliding down below me.  A very brief ride but an effective training session and as ever some wonderful views.

Looking back down the Monduver track

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